Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Never Gonna Be The Perfect Time...

Mandy here. Contemplating. As Usual..
I tried to have a relaxing day. Jay and I were able to reconnect a bit and get a much needed mani/pedi at the salon down the road from us.  I will admit I decided to copy her with the color nail polish she picked out... the girl has good taste, what can I say? Anyways we had a nice time catching up seeing as she has been outta town for a good 5 days.  Later this evening I got a massage and that was amazing.. also very relaxing to say the least.
Even in a day full of relaxing treatments I found myself uptight.  The lease is up in a month.  4 weeks from today-- it's just crazy.. I can't believe I've been living in LA for 6 months.  Anyways the point is I wanna throw... yes I said throw.. not to be confused with "organize then place" my items in storage and just GO.  I'm getting restless!
I'm very impulsive but I know the value in planning.  There's endless research to do when deciding to flee the country!!!... from reading others blogs/stories to price comparisons/deal hunting to the hot spots you just can't miss to volunteer opportunities to the logistics of getting around.. I could go on for days you get the point! Where to start? It's overwhelming and I'm someone who likes to be a perfectionist and take advantage of resources and strategic planning to maximize both savings and time but sometimes I feel like you just have to pick up and go.   I suppose there is that happy medium.. some planning... but a lot of "figuring out as you go" as well.
Also you ask yourself is it really the best time in my life? And I feel like the answer will always be yes because otherwise it will always be no.  There will ALWAYS be 100 reasons/excuses why it's not a good time to travel. But let's face it people we never know what day will be our last and everyone I have ever talked to (or just read their story) has never regretted their travels! No matter what you live, learn, and experience. Or if you are Julia Roberts you eat pray and love... either way I WANT IT!
I took this picture last February.  It was a snowstorm in Chicago.. I left work and booked a flight that night for a week in Mexico. One of the best decisions I ever made. It was an amazing week...

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