Friday, January 21, 2011

And you thought Disney was for kids?

Mandy here... Friday night.. 10pm ish... pretty typical for me to be home in a pair of sweats... but it's all good. I can justify it today. Got up at 6:30am with Jay. We hit up the DisneyLand audition... DisneyLand PARIS audition to be exact. It's pretty much what sprung me outta bed... 

Well let's just say it was inspiring... you see... we have talked so much about traveling, about living, about searching for happiness, love, culture, and for simply the unknown.. however we, like many people, get so caught up in the day to day going through the motions.  Being at the Disney Audition not only made us feel like kids again but reminded us what life is about.. living. Did you hear that or did you just read it? Do you remember what living feels like??? Because sometimes I am convinced I have forgotten. 

Sometimes I do what others want, what I think is socially acceptable, what I think I "should" do.  I am a classic people pleaser... someone who has searched for acceptance and friends and for attention and love without even being aware I was doing it. Well I am here to say I've been there done that... time to search for me, for what I want, to grow, to learn, to live.. to TRULY not care what others follow my heart.. my crazy irrational, inconsistent devil/angel voices.  Because if there's one thing I'm certain of it's this... If you aren't happy with yourself the relationships you form with others are almost meaningless to a certain degree. 

Shit, I just realized I am sounding like a real debbie downer.  Here I go again.. what I should sound like? There is no should! no no no! It's coming out as I type...Maybe I went off on a little tangent. Point is I just wanna get out there and conquer the world. I wanna feel it.  I feel like I've been in a little bubble for a while and I'm over it! I wanna see what others eat, I wanna know what others know, I wanna see how they live, what they value, how they think, how they dress, how they carry themselves. I wanna travel. I wanna pick up and leave right now. It was this time last year that I picked up and went to Mexico the next day. That trip was sweet... till I got my super expensive, insanely comfortable, surprisingly fashionable Aldo heels stolen.  Then the trip got sweeter because I walked into my 5 star hotel bare foot and realized it didn't matter. 

Good times are coming..... Will you keep up?

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