Sunday, January 23, 2011

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today...

Jay here...Happy Sunday everyone!  Time to start a new week and set some new goals to achieve.  Just got home from Sunday morning church ritual.  Today, however, something happened so small, yet so significant.  Mandy and Jason joined me which was nice, it always feels great to have people in their 20's who actually choose to go to church.  The message from father John was given in a slow and drawn out way, but the meaning was quite important.  People are constantly rushing around, stressed and jumping from one thing to the next.  This way of living tends to make people to feel anxious, flustered and unaccomplished.  The sermon was a reminder to take 10 minutes each morning when you wake up to prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually for the day.  I can admit that on most days I give myself 5 minutes to have just enough time to make my coffee and throw my work clothes on, leaving my drive to put make up on and fix my hair...(I can put on mascara in motion without a mirror!)  I notice on the days I spend time preparing for the day, my days run smooth and I feel a sense of calm and readiness.  After church, I called my YiaYia and Pappou (Greek grandparents) to say hi, and for the first time in my entire life, my grandfather told me he loved me.  It made me want to jump up and hug someone.  At church today, I lit a candle for my friends grandfather who just had a stroke.  He is very close to his grandfather and I feel bad knowing what he may have to go through.  I believe loss is the hardest struggle we face.  Yet, on a positive note, it is always that reminder and wake up call which pushes people to embrace what they do have.

On another page... Last night, got home from the restaurant 1:30am as usual, and realized how awful it is that I work like an elephant...stomping and slaving around so much, for peanuts.  Coming home only to feel stressed and needing a drink. Sitting up having the usual Jameson and coke, I decided I want to make a change.  As humbling as the past year in LA has been, it has also been a wake up call reminding me to live again.  I have become that mouse on a wheel, running around and around not even doing what I came here to do.  "Following your dreams." I remember telling myself that I would always follow my dreams and not listen to what others say or let anyone change my course.

Thinking about all this reminds me of when I lived the most in my was when I was 17, just graduated from high school and went to Greece, alone.  It was the best few months of my life.  I had no idea what to expect, where I was going, who I would meet, and the life changing experience I would endure.  I grew into the person I am today and I owe myself a pat on the back for taking that risk...when all my friends were starting college, I decided to just jump ship and it was the best decision I have ever made.  I am thinking of this now because I am ready for another one of those experiences...I want to inspire, be inspired and make a change.  The time is now....get ready. Mandy and I came from two different parts of the country and we have so many of the same goals.  I remember how my mom always told me, "things happen for a reason...," and, "Some people will come into your life for a reason, some for a season, and some stay forever..." I think Mandy and I met to inspire each other and take a chance, make that change.  Are you ready for this journey????  We are!!

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