Thursday, January 27, 2011

If you don't like crying babies just get drunk!

Mandy here. Dropped Jay off at the aiport just a few moments ago. She's headed back home for a couple days.  I was jamming to her music on the long drive back just completely zoning out... you know how that goes when you forgot how you got home or what way you took? I was kinda jealous I wasn't at the airport.  I know most people hate airports but I love them.... ok, ok I mean sometimes it sucks when you are on a few hours of sleep and have a long lay over or whatever and they have shitty food and expensive drinks... that part might suck a little. BUT... the general vibe... I like to people watch and wonder where they are going, what they are doing, who they are.  I must say that every person I've ever met, talked to, or became friends with from the airport has been a very interesting, unique person!

When I walk through the airport I just get so excited to be going somewhere else.  I would say I enjoy breaking routine but I really haven't had a routine in the last 3 years so I can't use that...haha... I'm not sure what it is... It just feels right... It's exciting...I walk by different gates and see different destinations and think hmmm maybe I should try to sneak on this plane to vegas or I still haven't been to Denver.  Most of the time though I wish I was in the international terminal!!!! soon enough, soon enough!

While I am a very independent person I will say I'm sick of being at the airport alone. There has only been a few times when I'm not alone and those actually have been some of the best times.  I remember one time I flew into Atlanta from Chicago and met up in Atlanta with my sister and her bf we had a couple hours to kill so we found a southern bar with brisket and beer! By the way the brisket was terrible.. ALL fat no meat. EWWWW. But we had the best of time in preparation for vegas... we got really drunk and them stumbled to the gate almost missing our flight...Man is it hard to roll a carry on thru a completely full plane all the way to row 27.  :)

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